What Is The Best Way To Win A Criminal Case?

When a client meets with a criminal defense attorney, one of the first questions they often have is about how their case can be won. It's worth noting that no lawyer can guarantee a win. Also, what's going to count as a win is going to depend a lot on just how bad the circumstances are. Your criminal defense attorney will make every effort to protect your rights and your best interests. [Read More]

Criminal Defense Answers for Those Facing Charges

Being charged with a criminal charge can be a life-changing experience. Unfortunately, the high-stakes nature of these charges can make even minor mistakes or instances of poor judgment extremely costly and problematic for the defense. Is Jail the Only Punishment You Can Expect from Criminal Charges? A person that is facing a criminal charge may assume that they will have to face jail time if they are convicted. In reality, there are many different punishments that can be ordered for a person that is found or pleads guilty to a criminal charge. [Read More]

Why Witnesses Need Criminal Lawyers, Too

The idea that you might need to hire a criminal law services firm to represent your interests if you're just a witness can come as a shock. Even in cases where witnesses believe they're doing their duty as citizens to help the police, it's still wise to retain counsel. Let's look at four reasons why that is the case. Obstruction of Justice Witnesses are frequently close to the people who are subjects of investigations. [Read More]

Exploring The Legality Of DUI Checkpoints

If you've been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) as a result of an encounter with law enforcement at a checkpoint, you are right to question the legality of it. All aspects of a DUI arrest should be examined for legality and that means the very first issue your attorney will address is the legality of the stop. To find out more about what a checkpoint arrest might mean to your case, read on. [Read More]