Three Things You Should Know When You Are Pulled Over For A DUI But Only Had A Couple Of Drinks

Blood alcohol concentration, or BAC, has a low limit in every state. Generally speaking, if you have more than a couple of drinks, you are likely over the legal limit. Of course, there are other factors involved, such as whether you ate food with your drinks because the food will slow the absorption of alcohol into your system. There is also the factor of time. The longer it has been since you drank, the lower your BAC will be. [Read More]

Three Criminal Charges That You May Face After Setting Fire To Something

The average person isn't apt to burn down his or her home or business in order to cash in on the insurance money, but it may be tempting to think about setting a fire on a smaller scale during a moment of poor judgement. For example, perhaps you have a car, boat, or even a shed that is past its prime and you're struggling financially. Despite knowing that setting fire to it is wrong, you may be so eager to get some money that you make this serious error in judgment. [Read More]

Two Ways A DUI Can Affect Your Educational Prospects

When people think about the criminal consequences of being convicted of DUIs, they're mostly concerned about being sentenced to jail time or having to pay a fine. However, being convicted of a DUI can and does often extend to other areas of your life. If you're a college student or thinking about going back to school, here are two ways a DUI can negatively impact your educational prospects. Your Application May Be Rejected [Read More]

You Have The Right To Remain Silent: When Keeping Your Mouth Shut After Arrest Is Best

From the moment an officer lets you know that you are being placed under arrest by reading you your Miranda Rights, you are no longer obligated to speak to law enforcement, investigators, or anyone else who has a question after you are charged with a crime. Surprisingly, however, many folks who land in hot water and get arrested tend to say far more than they should before they have an attorney present for fair representation. [Read More]