Situations Where You Want To Call A Lawyer -- When You're Not A Suspect

Movies and television stress the importance of you requesting a defense attorney if you've become a suspect in a criminal case. While that is vital for you to know, there are other situations where you will want to have a lawyer on call if you are interacting with the police -- even if you aren't a suspect. Here are a couple of scenarios where it's still best to have a lawyer by your side. [Read More]

Drinking And Driving? What Happens After You Get Stopped

If you have a few drinks out with friends or at dinnertime and then plan to get into your vehicle to drive home, you may be making a fatal mistake. Besides the fact that you have an increased risk at having an accident or injuring yourself or others, you also risk being pulled over by police or going through a checkpoint. Here is what would happen if you happen to get caught drinking and driving when you have had too much to get behind the wheel: [Read More]