The Difference A Good Lawyer Can Make

What Is The Best Way To Win A Criminal Case?

When a client meets with a criminal defense attorney, one of the first questions they often have is about how their case can be won. It's worth noting that no lawyer can guarantee a win. Also, what's going to count as a win is going to depend a lot on just how bad the circumstances are.

Your criminal defense attorney will make every effort to protect your rights and your best interests. Here are three ways they may go about trying to win.

Stop the Case in Its Tracks

The best time to win a case is before it gets rolling, preferably before charges are even filed. For you as the client, this means retaining counsel as soon as you get a hint the police might be interested in something.

Obviously, some cases can't be stopped before charges are filed. If you're facing assault charges, for example, that's the product of how a police officer interpreted something that they either saw happen or were told about. If the cops are investigating you, though, it may be possible to keep charges from being filed.

In either scenario, the biggest thing a defendant needs to do is to avoid doing the cops' job for them. Don't talk to them without a criminal law attorney present. Know your rights in terms of search and seizure, too. If the cops want to charge you with an offense, at least make them work for it.

Early in the Court Process

Presuming you weren't able to keep charges from going to a prosecutor and then a judge, the next best opportunity to stop the case is during the initial hearings. The prosecution has to explain what you've been charged with and why. A criminal defense attorney may be able to raise questions about the charging documents, evidence, or even whether the conduct was illegal. If the judge has serious doubts about the case, there's a chance it will be dismissed.

Moving Toward a Trial

Your last good chance at stopping a case is during discovery, a process where the court requires the prosecution to show you and your lawyer the evidence and witness testimony they have. An attorney will try to cast doubt on how the evidence was obtained, what it means, and even how it was handled by the police. If this doesn't trigger a dismissal, then your best shot will be to either negotiate a plea or go to trial.

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