The Difference A Good Lawyer Can Make

DWI Lawsuits: Situations When Professional Legal Representation Is Not An Option

Getting behind the wheel while intoxicated can make you face serious consequences. However, you can successfully defend yourself, clear your name, and avoid the serious consequences prescribed for offenders that engage in this vice. To achieve this, you'll need to develop strong arguments against the prosecution. This is where an OWI attorney will come in. Take a look at situations they will help you fight. 

You've Faced Similar Charges Previously

The law is pretty harsh on habitual OWI offenders. That means fighting a recurrent charge will be challenging. The judge will want to hand you a harsher judgment to discourage you from committing the crime again. Therefore, you must have a strong defense to avoid being slapped with a hefty fine or a jail sentence. 

In this situation, your lawyer can prepare a strong defense to counter the evidence presented in court. They will then raise arguments that can help to convince the judge to offer you a liniment judgment. 

You Want to Appeal Your Judgment

The jury will decide on your punishment depending on the severity of your crime and criminal record. It might ask you to pay a fine or hand you a serious prison time. Whatever the judgment, you have a right to appeal if you feel that punishment is unfair or could profoundly affect your life. 

However, retrials are not easy sailing, necessitating the involvement of an OWI attorney. Your lawyer can explain the risks associated with a retrial and the possible outcomes you expect in your case. They will then represent you in your retrial so as to get a lesser penalty.

You Caused a Fatal Car Crash

Causing a fatal crash can make your OWI case harder to win because you will face additional charges. Besides, the prosecution will do everything possible to prove that you were the wrongdoer. Thus, you need a legal advisor to fight the prosecution. They can gather all the helpful information needed to distance you from the allegations. And if you're at fault, your lawyer knows how to negotiate for a lenient judgment.

Getting a fair judgment in an OWI case can be challenging, especially in the above situations. Luckily, your defense can be easier if you seek the assistance of an attorney since they are proficient in drunken driving lawsuits. They can assess your case to determine the best strategies against the prosecutor in court. Besides, they'll offer you the right representation and shield you from costly legal errors.