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Preparing for a Criminal Trial? Things You Should Know

The courts in this country take crimes seriously. When they arrest people for criminal charges, they require a legal process afterward. The legal process might involve a plea bargain for the defendant. If the defendant chooses not to accept the plea, they will go to trial. If you have pending criminal charges against you, going to trial might be the route you want to take. If so, here are several things to know about your upcoming trial and how your lawyer prepares for it.

Your Lawyer Gathers Facts

The first stage of preparing for a trial is gathering the facts and evidence, and your lawyer does this in two main ways. First, the court presents all the evidence it has for the case. The court provides all this evidence in court and to the criminal defense lawyer handling the case. Therefore, your lawyer will have all the evidence that the prosecution has and uses in the trial. Your lawyer also takes the time to find other evidence if there is any.

They Research the Case

Next, your lawyer spends time researching the case. A good criminal defense lawyer will take the available evidence and research all of it. The goal is to determine what happened and find ways to fight the charges. The lawyer's main goal is to find loopholes and evidence that cause doubt that the client committed the crime. The lawyer does not necessarily have to prove the client did not commit the crime, only that there is reason to believe the client did not.

They Discuss Taking the Stand

Another thing to expect is for your lawyer to discuss the pros and cons of taking the stand in your trial. You can choose to testify at your trial, but you also have the choice to opt out of taking the stand.

They Consider Expert Witnesses

Finally, your lawyer might consult with expert witnesses to determine if these are needed in your trial. An expert witness is a person you hire to testify at your court trial. If this is a good step to take, your lawyer will find the right person to hire and will have them testify at your trial.

Preparing for a trial is something that takes time, work, and consideration. If you have pending charges that you must face, you might want to begin by hiring a criminal defense lawyer in your city. For more information, contact attorneys like Elizabeth Franklin-Best, P.C.