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Is A Toll Violation A Traffic Ticket?

Whether you forgot to bring change, your transponder didn't read, or you didn't mean to drive on a toll road, there's a good chance of finding yourself with a toll violation at some point. Does it count as a traffic ticket, and what will happen to your driving record?

Some Toll Violations Are Just Bills

In some areas, if you get a letter in the mail for missing a toll, it's just a bill. You might be asked to pay a slightly higher toll or an administrative fee, but the matter is closed once you pay the bill. These types of bills don't have any ongoing consequences as long as you take care of them.

To see if you just have a bill, read the letter carefully. It is more likely to reference owing money rather than accusing you of a violation.

Skipping a Toll May Be an Offense

In many areas, skipping a toll can be considered an offense. Depending on the jurisdiction, you may receive a ticket on the first time or after you miss a certain number of tolls. These will usually be non-moving violations, so they won't add points to your license. However, toll violation offenses can result in your license getting suspended or additional fines on top of the toll.

If you didn't pay the toll, your best option is usually to try to get the violation dismissed in exchange for paying the toll. If you believe you paid the toll or didn't drive on that road, you will need to contest the ticket in court. If you just ignore it, your license could get suspended.

Intentionally Evading a Toll Is More Serious

You may also be cited if you intentionally try to evade a toll. This could include tailgating another driver, hiding your license plate, driving between or outside of lanes to avoid the toll readers, or using the service drive reserved for the toll plaza workers. This is a serious offense that could result in a large fine. In some areas, these are even criminal offenses.

This is more than just a basic traffic ticket and judges won't be likely to be sympathetic. To avoid serious consequences, it's important to have a traffic lawyer helping you. If you have an innocent defense for the violation, you'll need to make it in court to try to get the violation off of your record.

To learn more about how a toll violation could affect your driving record, contact a local traffic lawyer today.