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Five Things That You Should Do Leading Up To Your DUI Court Case

If you have recently been charged with a DUI, the process leading up to your hearing can involve a lot of planning with your DUI attorney. Even the best plan of attack can be foiled if you make one misstep during the time before your trial. Here are five things that you should do while you are awaiting your DUI court case.

1. Steer Clear of Bars and the Party Scene

If you have been charged with a DUI, it is time to wrap up the party. Going out and partying will make it seem like you don't understand the magnitude of your situation, even if in your mind you are just blowing off steam. Focus on your upcoming court date with your lawyer and stay out of the bars for now.

2. Avoid Bad Influences

If your DUI arrest occurred when you were with people that just aren't the best influences, it is best to avoid these individuals before your trial. You don't want to find yourself making bad decisions and if you are hanging around people that tend to get into trouble.

3. Don't Discuss Your Arrest on Social Media

Don't talk about your arrest in writing, especially on social media. Being arrested can cause an array of emotions, and you may say something you don't mean. Don't lash out at cops or the county that arrested you. Don't brag about your arrest to sound cool to your friends. Anything that you write down may be pulled as evidence and used against you during your DUI case.

4. Never Drive without a License

If your license was suspended pending your DUI court case, do not drive. Event if you don't think you will be caught, there is no reason to put yourself in this position. Someone might even make an anonymous tip to the police out of concern if they know you are driving.

5. Don't Get into Further Trouble with the Law

It is important that you don't get yourself into more trouble while you are awaiting trial. If you have other charges or run-ins with the law between the time you were arrested and your hearing, this can be used against you in court. If you do get into trouble, make sure to tell your DUI lawyer right away

Working to have your DUI charge either minimized or expunged can be a lot of work. Don't make this any harder for your lawyer to help you with. Make sure that the judge can see that you usually stay out of trouble and that your DUI charge was a fluke or a one time indiscretion. For more information, contact an experienced lawyer from a firm like the Law Offices of Daniel Aaronson